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Sad but true.  My girlfriends might ask me to recommend a new restaurant or ask me what I think about a new outfit.  When it comes to matters of the heart, however, they know better than to come to me for advice.


People always tell me that I have a beautiful name.  Like a movie star.  Is that a fake name?  Your stripper name?  No and HELL NO!!  It’s real.  I was “blessed” with this name from birth.  It’s the only good thing my father ever gave me.  Over the years I’ve come to think of my surname as totally ironic, given my track record with dating and relationships. 


But this is not a pity party for one.  In the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, I humbly offer you the non-dating advice blog.  I’ll leave it to Steve Harvey to tell you how to think or Iyanla to tell you how to fix your life.  Ladies (and any gentleman who visits this site), I readily admit that I haven’t a clue.  Instead of advice, I can give you a place to commiserate and a soothing reminder that you’re not alone.  That crazy fool that you met at the club?  Been there.  The time you came face- to-face with the girlfriend of the man that you were “exclusively” dating?  Done that.  The guy you met on Craigslist and moved into your place two weeks later?  Um, can’t say I or anyone I know have actually been in that situation.  These will be light-hearted, relatable, mostly humorous stories and anecdotes that don’t end in attempted murder/suicide.


I encourage you to share your adventures/misadventures in dating and learn from my mistakes and from those of the fierce, fabulous women sharing their stories here.  Relay your own experiences, opinions,  advice and triumphs.  Don’t do as I say.  Or do.  After all, Love is just my name, not my game.




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